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11th September 2006

Rita is doing really well. She has recovered from her breathing problems and has a fine layer of hair all over her body. She must have only been four months old because she is still only 5 months old according to her size. Cant wait till she has hair as I will stop feeding her every 4 hours in the night and go back to once, am starting to feel very weary, working every day as well.

She is still being fed every 2 hours during the day. My heat mat arrived but its still very hard to keep the correct temperature which means Rita is still sleeping with us!!

If you are wondering as a few people have asked the question, I have to stimulate her to go to the toilet everytime I feed her so she never makes a mess. This is how the mum kangaroo keeps her pouch clean. But she eats it!! Toilet paper will do from me! Rita has not put on any weight but apart from that I think she is doing very well.

margarita0911b (31K)

This photo shows you what she looks like asleep in her beanie or how she would be in a real pouch. Till next time. Bev

23rd August 2006

Rita now weighs 1kg. She is so cute and loves cuddles so much. She has been fighting for her life though poor little girl. She has a cough and fluid on her lungs, she may have inhaled some milk into her lungs. The vet said that she is too young to have antibiotics so we have to see how she goes. She could have pneumonia. I hope not, she is strong and I actually think she has improved in the last few days.

I am now feeding her 4 hourly at night again to 2 hourly thank goodness and every 2 to 3 hours in the day. I have ordered a heat mat for night times I think she has out welcomed sleeping with my husband! She has just started to grow hair. Yey! Oh I forgot last week Rita got bitten by something and her little face swelled up and her arms but the swelling went down over night. Lucky! Well that's all for now talk to you soon. Bev

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15th August 2006

It has been hard to keep the temperature correct at night and Rita got over heated with the electric blanket. Their temperature should be about 35o a bit less than us. I have had to feed her every hour: first hour milk, and the next hour vitrate an electrolyte solution to replace the salts and fluid, as she is very dehydrated. It took two days but she is now hydrated and growing again.

I am very tired! She now sleeps with us as I know she is the right temperature. She scratches me when she is hungry so that is good as well. Not good for my husband though he isn't happy with a kangaroo sleeping with us but I suppose over the years he has gotten used to it.

margarita15Aug06 (27K)

This is the first time I have had one so young live this long so she is doing well. She now weighs 900gms.

Monday 7th August 2006

This is the first update from Mama Bev..........

Rita is doing very well she is about 5 months old and weighs 800grams. She is just starting to get hair on her face and the rest of her body in still pink skin. I have washed her and I cover her with emu oil every day as in the mother's pouch they are kept moist so living in a beanie as she is now her skin dries out.

She is having a bottle every 2 to 3 hours during the day and 4 hourly at night. I have to toilet her every time I feed her so it is more work than a human baby. She is drinking about 100ml of special milk that you get from the vet each day, about 10 - 15ml per feed.

It is very important to keep her body warm until she is fully haired which should be in about 4 weeks. I have been keeping her under my jumper in the day and in an electric blanket at night. They are very affectionate as they are with their mothers all the time so I like them to be close as much as possible so they feel loved. They are very placid and are not afraid of their new mothers. If she needs to go to the toilet or is hungry she makes little noises to me. Its very cute. There is a long road ahead as she is very very young. Will keep you upto date. Bye for now Bev

margaritaNbev0807 (40K)

Rita being held in Mama Bev's arms - check out how small she is now........

margarita0807a (39K)

A close up of Rita in a new pretty pink beanie which is her "pouch" for now....

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