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Friday 4th August 2006

This is a bittersweet story..........

I was out on tour with two lovely Italian couples on their honeymoon and Jon our driver suggested we drive along Starrs Road where there would be a fairly good chance of spotting some kangaroos in the scrub alongside the road........ so, there we were, all merrily chatting away and getting to know each other in the car when Jon said he had spotted a kangaroo lying down behind some roadside vegetation...

We pulled over to catch a glimpse of the kangaroo and Jon noticed that the kangaroo looked like it was having problems moving....... so he pulled up ahead of the spot to have a look and we both looked at each other with that awful feeling in our hearts as to what we suspected he would find.......

It was indeed the very tragic reality of a kangaroo which had obviously been hit by a car and left to die in agony in a slow and awful manner. Jon had to put it out of its misery and as he did so, he checked to see if it was a female and sure enough found a little joey in her pouch.

There was a little joey, about 5 months old in the female's pouch.

The joey was still without her fur coat and so it would have died if we had left her there with her mum, there was no way she would survive the next couple of days. We wrapped her up in Jon's jumper and took her to Bev Turner at Emu Ridge, the eucalyptus farm just down the road.

Bev has had a lot of experience raising orphaned joeys of all sorts (kangaroos, wallabies and possums) so we knew she would do a good job of looking after the joey.

Giuliana and Domenico, Francesca and Riccardo were still devastated by the experience and very reluctant to leave the joey but saw that Bev knew what she was doing. They got to name the joey and chose the name Margarita which would be an easy enough name for anyone to say but would still have a strong connection to Italy.

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From L - R : Domenica, Giuliana, Margarita in Jon's arms, Francesca and Riccardo.

margaritaNparents (51K)

Honorary "parents" Domenica and Giuliana (holding Margarita) with Bev (Margarita's new mum)

Bev has promised to keep us updated with Margarita's progress and will send me pics to post up here on this page.

Thankfully the rest of the day turned out to be a stunning day, beautiful weather and lots of wildlife sightings. We went on to Seal Bay and there were lots of gorgeous pups cavorting around and being playful and everyone had a good time. Then on to lunch, koala spotting, we even saw a joey with its mum that day, lots of wallabies with their little joeys emerging from mums' pouches and of course to top it off...... we had a grandstand view of a laidback koala pretty low down on the fork of a big branch which just about capped the day........

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